28 April, 2015


Watch A Drone Fall In Love In Pomplamoose’s New Video

Drones and dogs deployed in battle to save the guacamole

Hawaii Man Tased and Arrested Flying 3 Inch Drone

It’s hard to know from news reports whether Mr. Sanders in fact resisted arrest and whether the Park ranger was justified in tasing and arresting him. But it’s clear to me that the encounter would never have been precipitated in the first place if 3 inch flying toys were not considered “unmanned aircraft” subject to manned aircraft rules. It seems high time to me for Congress to step in and enact reasonable rules for the operation of unmanned aircraft, including not considering toys below a certain size to fall within the definition of aircraft. It might look to what other aviation safety agencies are proposing. For example, the European Aviation Safety Agency is proposing to exclude flying toys under 500 grams from its regulatory scheme.

Update.  Ranger Rick: “I don’t take no lip, with this cannon on my hip.”

Corn Growers weigh in on UAVs in ag discussion

Florida Could Soon Place Limits On Drone Use

Ferndale drops proposal to make drone flying a crime


Texas pilots concerned with lack of drone rules

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