29 April 2015


DroneBase Lets Any Business Rent A Drone And Pilot

Calling all Florida Drone Pilots URGENT!!!!!

Any Drone Pilot in Florida needs to contact Govenor Rick Scott’s Office today and tel him that you do not agree with the Senate Bill 766. This would be a bad law! We need to call today because the bill passed the house and senate and will go to the govenor to sign. PLease be polite and state how this bill would be very bad for businesses that want to capture real estate. This is very important and your voice needs to be heard!

Here is the link for SB776 please read it and call now!!!!
https://www.flsenate.gov/Session … /BillText/Filed/PDF


A Top Fundraiser for Obama Turns From Wall Street to Drones

Federal UAS Rules for Ag Likely in 2017

Virgin America flight from New York to Dallas encounters drone on approach to Love Field

As demand grows, Midwestern colleges prep students to fly drones


ARSA on UAS Rule – Don’t Bite Off More than FAA Can Chew

New Drone Will Help Rescuers Find Missing People

Michiana businessman given FAA approval for drones

Law Practice Group Secures FAA Exemptions for Commercial Drone Use

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