30 April 2015



AirMap Launches To Enable Safe, Legal And Hassle-Free Drone Flying

Drone trade group embraces regulation for safety

Drone Maker DJI Turns To Home Market

Washington state is proposing a hard line on drone-associated crime

<sigh> solves nothing but it makes a bullet-point for her ‘tough on crime’ political career.  Why always jail?  If the person using the drone has the means to buy, learn to fly, plan the crime (which already has jail time) and execute the crime.  May them pay through the wallet.  10K?  $50K fine?

Age of Drone Vandalism Begins

“It turned out surprisingly well,” said KATSU, whose previous stunts include using a hacked fire-extinguisher to vandalise L.A. MOCA. “It’s exciting to see its first potential use as a device for vandalism,” he added, cheerfully.

@wired You want writers to display fanboy adulation of criminal actions?  I hope the police and FAA can find and arrest this Bob Bumfuck.

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