2 May 2015


How drones are helping the Nepal earthquake relief effort

Experts from Etobicoke, Ontario-based GlobalMedic, which manages a fleet of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for international disaster relief missions, is already in the Himalayan nation. “Our UAV team is tasked with aerially mapping crisis-affected areas, then compiling and cross-stitching the collected imagery into maps that provide a superior snapshot of needs on the ground,” wrote a GlobalMedic spokeswoman, in an email to FoxNews.com. “Identifying flooded areas, obstructed roads, population movements, and damaged infrastructure, the possibilities for UAV use in an emergency setting are extensive.”

The aid organization is using three high-end UAVs in Nepal. The SkyRanger and Scout drones, built by Aeryon Labs, are controlled via a touchscreen interface. Equipped with thermal cameras, the devices can identify people who are trapped or injured.

FAA considers beyond-line-of-sight drone initiatives

FAA aims to finalize rules in less than 16 months

The Anti-Drone Business Is About to Take Off

Colorado Fire Captain Says Drone ‘Possibilities Are Endless’


Chicopee considers buying drone for police

Here’s how one startup plans to dominate drone-based delivery

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