7 May 2015


Oklahoma bullish on UAV integration

Oklahoma says the US Federal Aviation Administration’s decision not to pick it as a test site for unmanned air vehicles has actually worked out well, claiming that a lack of guidance from the regulator is stifling operations in the selected states.
Stephen McKeever, Oklahoma Secretary of Science and Technology, says the state remains a test site for Department of Homeland Security UAV research, putting it ahead of the six FAA evaluation areas which were revealed in December 2013.
“This puts us in a really good leadership position,” McKeever says. “We’re still competing in this in the sense that every state is competing in this area.
“The test sites are struggling somewhat in not receiving guidance from the FAA on what they should be doing.”

‘We’re from The Government and we are here to help.”

     “Okay, how are you going to help us.”

“Ummm…we don’t know yet.  We’ll get back to you shortly.”

FAA Says Media Can Use Drone Photos From Citizen Journalists, Not Professionals

That’s going to be as clear as mud.

PrecisionHawk to work with FAA on UAV extended line-of-sight safety

AUVSI: US lawmaker calls on UAV industry to increase lobbying [Translation: ‘Give us some money if you want to play.’]

“You’re from all over the country,” LoBiondo told the opening of the general session at AUVSI on 6 May. “Get to know your member of Congress. Give them real-world applications. Explain the stories of issues that will save lives… that are unfolding every day.”

‘Hey we gotta’ eat, you know.  As Bubba said quite well recently, “We have to pay our bills.” and it’s expensive running a re-election campaign.  You know what I mean.  Nice Industry you got started there, be a shame if some regulatory ‘thing’ happens.  Tu capisci?’

U.S. Approves Drone for Spraying Crops

Creating the Open Drone Ecosystem

SC companies told to stop flying commercial drones

WYFF News Investigates has learned the FAA sent cease and desist letters to 11 companies in South Carolina accused of offering commercial drone services without authorization.
Edmund said some companies have found ways to get around the law.
“They’re using drones and are basically saying, ‘You are not paying for the drone service. The drone service is something we throw in for free. You’re paying for the editing and post production.’ That’s kind of shirting the spirit of these regulations,” Edmund said.
Three years ago, VisitGreenvilleSC paid a production company to shoot a series of ads, promoting tourism. Drones were used to take aerial shots, for which the group paid $6,500.

“Stupid FAA.  We know how to get around the law.  What do they know about flying?”

Drone’s Eye View of Where Your Margarita Begins


Southern Company taking energy innovation to new heights through the use of unmanned aerial systems

UAS Pathfinder Program Announcement

CEA: 1 Million U.S. Drone Flights Daily by 2025

Google Executive: Relations with FAA and Drone Industry Improving

Mapping the Course for UAS in Surveying

Sinclair to work with state on drones

FAA UAV Initiatives Good for Real Estate, Say Realtors

Model Plane Fliers to Get Real-Time, Location-Based Flight Safety Info

Patent Application Reveals New Details About Amazon’s Drone

How a Drone Could Spoof Wi-Fi

     What?  Like a whole bunch of police departments, FBI, and DEA?

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