22 May 2015


Drone Pilot Helps Rescue Flood Victims in Texas

If you want a case-in-point example of the crucial role drones can play at the scene of a disaster, just watch these videos taken by an amateur pilot, and good Samaritan, from Texas.
Garret Bryl, a volunteer drone pilot working with the Joshua Fire Department in Texas, used his drone on two separate occasions to help save four people stranded amidst raging floodwaters on Sunday.

Police chiefs group offers drone-use policy

Model law enforcement drone guidelines: No weapons, limit deployment, keep them in operator’s sight


Japan’s First International Drone Exhibition Underway

How to Write Rules for Drones on Your Property

Should You Pursue Drone Technology?

FAA grants two more approvals for UAV inspections (PR)

UAV Expo Releases Report on: Drones for Business

Senators hail FAA red-tape cuts for UAS test sites

Botlink releases beta version of UAV control software (PR)

FAA approves UAS for forensic inspections (PR)

Naperville buys drone, eyes policy issues


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