29 May 2015


Drones aid search for Texas, Oklahoma flood victims

GoPro to make a drone and virtual reality filming kit

The power of the real estate drone


Drones a possibility for local law enforcement

Unmanned aircraft encounters increasing

FAA loosens restrictions for drones used by test sites

Drone’s Unfortunate Encounter With a Goose


28 May 2015


Drone video shows massive flooding in Houston

Drone companies invest in yet more drone companies

Airware And DJI/Accel Launch Drone Investment Funds


DJI Phantom 3 Review – A New Perspective On The World

Paradise Valley prepares drone ordinance proposal

The Town of Paradise Valley is looking into regulations for drones after someone was recently charged by police for using his drone. The proposal could cost violators up to $2,500 in fines and/or six months in jail.

Jail.  Always. ‘Jail is the answer, goddamnit for every and any kind of scoflaw!!’ <sigh>

Mystery drone drops money over Rosa Parks Circle

The long-range drone that can keep up with a car and fly for an hour (Kickstarter PR)

26 May 2015


Virginia Tech UAS Test Site Welcomes New FAA Policy

Autobahn driver suffers drone windscreen smash (Looks like a Syma X5 model, carrying ‘everything extra’ = newbie fool?)

Drone Crashes, Hits 2 People During Marblehead Parade (‘Well, I have flown it lots of time before and no problems….’ –Amelia Earhart)


FAA announces Pathfinder program to explore BVLOS and urban drone operations (PR)

Drone regulations pending

North Dakota Road Show Demos UAVs’ Many Use Cases

In The Future, Drones May Deliver You

Oregon Senators Welcome News That Helps Test Sites in Pendleton, Tillamook and Warm Springs

22 May 2015


Drone Pilot Helps Rescue Flood Victims in Texas

If you want a case-in-point example of the crucial role drones can play at the scene of a disaster, just watch these videos taken by an amateur pilot, and good Samaritan, from Texas.
Garret Bryl, a volunteer drone pilot working with the Joshua Fire Department in Texas, used his drone on two separate occasions to help save four people stranded amidst raging floodwaters on Sunday.

Police chiefs group offers drone-use policy

Model law enforcement drone guidelines: No weapons, limit deployment, keep them in operator’s sight


Japan’s First International Drone Exhibition Underway

How to Write Rules for Drones on Your Property

Should You Pursue Drone Technology?

FAA grants two more approvals for UAV inspections (PR)

UAV Expo Releases Report on: Drones for Business

Senators hail FAA red-tape cuts for UAS test sites

Botlink releases beta version of UAV control software (PR)

FAA approves UAS for forensic inspections (PR)

Naperville buys drone, eyes policy issues

21 May 2015


Why 2015 is the year agriculture drones take off

How Wind Turbine Inspections Might Benefit From Drone Use

Encouraging Signs for Commercial UAVs


Could Your Next Running Partner Be a Drone?

Donan Granted Authorization (PR)

What to do about commercial drones

It’s time to take off the gloves and come down on offenders with an iron fist. If Congress really wants to make a contribution, they should pass a law which focuses on offenders and makes illegal UAS operation a federal criminal offense.

‘That’s right!!!  Throw’ em prison, take their houses, forfeit their property, give them the mark of Cain!’

Why is the knee-jerk reaction, for MSNBC love-me-some-big-government-types, to “Crush the Peasants

19 May 2015


America’s drone laws are a confusing mess

FAA exemption gives Sinclair UAS program new wings

Drones fly high during statewide student competition in Boca


Why Drones Should Bug You

OOOoooohh, they’re scary!

Rimkus Consulting Group First to Receive FAA Approval for Drone Use to Conduct Forensic Inspections (PR)

Drone fly-over shows how huge the Tesla Gigafactory is

C-mi, a ‘Pro Drone for Everyone,’ Surpasses Funding Goal (PR)